Beer FestivalAre any of our BITE readers heading to a Beer Festival this year? We’re going to be updating our BITE Events section this week with some 2011 festival dates, and we wondered if there were any beer festivals that you felt were worth a particular mention.  We are really interested in the smaller, local beer festivals that you may be looking forward to.  Maybe there’s a beer festival you know of being held at your local pub, or a community fayre will be offering a selection of real ales.  BITE is still the UK’s busiest pub and bar website, and this is free advertising for the little guys so if you are planning a visit to a more obscure beer festival, please do let us know the location of the beer festival in our comments section below, or on our Facebook page.  We really do appreciate all your comments, so keep them coming, cheers!  … Of course if you’re heading off to one of the larger festivals too – feel free to let us know!