Month: September 2011

National Cask Ale Week 2011

National Cask Ale Week 2011It’s National Cask Ale week starting tomorrow (1st October 2011).  Cask Ale Week is a campaign organised between CAMRA and Cask Marque with the intention of spreading wider interest in ‘Real Ale’, if you know someone who has not tried real ale yet, this following week is your chance to introduce them to the myriad of different real ales that are on offer.  All 7,500 of Cask Marques accredited licensees have been asked to support the cause – promoting real ale, most locally sourced, and with the weather in the South set to be a scorcher, pubs will definitely receive an influx of customers who are out to enjoy the sunshine.

According to the CAMRA website many of the Cask Marque pubs will operate a ‘Try Before You Buy’ promotion allowing revellers the opportunity to sample-taste a real ale before choosing.   Some Cask Marque pubs may operate the “3 x 1/3 pint” meaning you get to try 3 real ales for the price of a pint which is a great promotion for any new real ale drinker,… and regular ale drinkers alike.  It gives you some time to hone in one a particular brew you might take a fancy to.  So, be sure to look out for pubs with a Cask Marque accreditation this weekend, and be sure to ask about the real ale promotions they may be serving.

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White House Honey Ale

White House Honey AlePresident Obama has made history once again by becoming the first President to brew beer at the White House.  This is the first time in history that there has been a microbrewery at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the aptly named “White House Honey Ale” was brewed using the White House garden beehive, which is another first for the Presidency, bees being kept at the White House.  President Obama recently sat with Sgt. Dakota Meyer and the two enjoyed a couple of pints of White House Honey Ale before Sgt.  Meyer was  presented with the Medal of Honor.

Unfortunately the Obama’s have no intention to market the ale, the only way to obtain one would be to become and American war hero or get invited to the White House on Superbowl night.   The recipe for the ale is being kept secret with the Washington Post reporting just one teaser “over a pound of honey goes into that brew”.  That’s a lot of honey.  Imagine if the Obama’s changed their mind about selling their ale? There would be worldwide interest.

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Arthur Guinness Day 2011

Arthur Guinness DayToday is the third annual Arthur’s Day. In memory of Arthur Guinness, the man who brought Guinness to the world.  The international celebration will see patron drinkers of Guinness  raising glasses to Arthur, or “Gloine a ardú chuig Arthur Guinness!”  today at 17:59, to commemorate the year (1759) when the Guinness brewery first opened. Arthur’s day is celebrated with music concerts around the world, but you don’t have to go to one of these just to spread the word, 17:59 is on the way home from work time for most of us, so stop in your local pub, order a pint, but make it a Guinness.

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