What do you look for in pubsWe’re still working on the new version of BITE, and this comes from one of our Facebook comments (by BITE user John Penny) who suggested we update our pub facilities options with ‘skittle alleys’.  It’s a valid point, times are changing and BITE pub goers may be looking for different things from their pubs than they were, say – a year ago or two years ago.

If there’s something that you look for in a pub, and that includes those things out of the ordinary do let us know.  Maybe you look for dog friendly or child friendly pubs? Or they have to serve food and real ale, perhaps like BITE user Chris Hayes you look for pubs that don’t have TV in them? Or you only like to visit pubs that are part of CAMRA or have a great beer garden?

Each of your comments are important to us, not only will it help to change the facilities options on BITE, but it will be useful for us when we come to relaying the information back to you, it’s basically going to be clearer, easier to read and more precise,… but more on that little gem later.

As usual, let us know your thoughts on “what do you look for in a pub?” By adding to our comments section below or joining the chat on our Facebook page. Cheers!
P.s. Kudos to any BITE user who has travelled to, or knows of the fantastic pub in today’s post image (right).