Pub gardenSo the rumours were wrong, we’re not going to get a two week heatwave just yet.  We Britain’s do love to talk about the weather, we spend most of our days under grey skies which leaves us with  a sense of poetic melancholy.  The moment the sun breaks through the clouds, students and hipsters don their flip flops, women wear lower neck lines,  men start experimenting with fire and meat and most importantly everyone looks for a reason to get down the pub and sit outside.

Summer 2011 is set to be a scorcher, June and the start of July could be sprinkled with stormy weather but the clouds will lift – giving way to a scorching August and early September.  Britain’s Pub gardens will be blooming, and we’d like to call on our BITE users – sat in your favourite pub gardens, to get taking some photos or comment on those pub gardens that you think go the extra mile to trim their bushes, light their barbecues or provide adequate space for dogs and children…

If you’ve got a picture, add it to the pub page on BITE, we’ll be watching all submissions like Alan Titchmarsh in a police helicopter.
(We’ll be posting the results on our blog later this summer with credit to each user of course.)

How to add pictures to BITE;
1. Login to your BITE account, or if you are not a member complete the  BITE registration form.
2. Once logged in, find the pub you think has a great pub garden by using BITE pub search.
3. Look for the pink on eachpub page that says “Upload a photo”
4. Browse to the photos location on your computer, (remember to click the terms & conditions checkbox) – then click the “upload now” button.

If you want to leave a comment about your favourite Pub Garden you can do so  in our comments section below, or on our Facebook page.