Beer In The EveningHello! For those of you that didn’t take advantage of booking these three days off this week and taking a nice eleven day holiday, you might have noticed we have made some fairly radical changes to the website. Later this year we’ll be launching new look profile pages and a brand new review system for all the pubs. We’re doing this in stages though instead of one massive change overnight, this is due to the fact BITE is so big – there is a lot to change!

So, in this first major change we’ve totally removed the lefthand menu on every page and you’ll now find the most accessed links at the bottom of every page in a nice clear to read format (just like the bottom of this blog posting). You’ll also find that the pub pages now load a lot quicker since we removed the menu and also some extra adverts that were just cluttering up the pages.

The top of every page will be changing to our new look over the fortnight with a new menu system allowing you quick access to My BITE, Pub Search and so on. After that we have a couple of new features to launch and then the new profile pages will go live, along with our booking system hopefully in mid-July. Followed by a host of new features in the Autumn.

As always, we welcome any comments on these changes. If you are on holiday though currently, enjoy the sunshine and try and find a nice country pub with a good beer garden!