William and KateThere have been a lot of stiff measures taken by the press to ensure that we are all aware of the Royal Wedding tomorrow (Fri 29th), and one fact you may have heard is that beer is banned at the reception. This is sure to jinx the whole affair, the very word ‘bridal’ is a combination of the words ‘bride’ and ‘ale’ (dictionary).  Our dear old Anglo Saxon relatives would celebrate tying-the-knot with a huge knees up; and in most cases it was the bride who produced her very own speciality ale for the occasion, take note brides to be…

The tradition of brewing speciality beers for weddings still continues to this day, some of Brtiains top brewers have been (milking the merchandise teat?) producing some commemorative masterpieces; Castle Rock – Kiss me Kate, Fullers Brewery – Royal Wedding Celebration Ale, Burnley Brewery – Royal Appointment Ale, BrewDog Brewery – Royal Virility Performance, Windsor & Eton Brewery – Windsor Knot, Admans – Royal Wedding Ale.  If you know of anymore Royal Wedding ales that haven’t made this list do let us know with a comment please.

If you are in the vicinity of Westminster Abbey tomorrow you might want to quench your thirst at the St. Stephens Tavern, a charming Olde English style pub with a 125 year history as a public house, puff your chest out a stand proud amongst the tourists, Winston Churchill and Harold MacMillan are said to be a few of the famous to have enjoyed a pint from this taverns taps.

Or, you might want to try The Feathers, with plenty of cask ales on offer you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy, just don’t get too rowdy – you’re on Scotland Yards doorstep here.

Slightly further out but well worth the walk is The Albert, take a moment to step back and look up at this building, it’s a classic piece of Great British architectural history nestled amongst a sprawling high rise city, some cask ales and bitters on offer at this popular tourist pub.

If you really fancy something different, stroll up the Embankment and try the Tattershall Castle, the pub aboard a lovely old steam boat moored on the Thames, used as a tether for barrage balloons during the second world war the Tattershall Castle now boasts a lively restaurant and pub, with some wonderful views of London by the Thames, just remember to take a jacket as the weather for tomorrow is looking choppy!

You might want to also consider a bolt hole from the crowds in The Sanctuary House with first class Fullers on tap (will they stock Royal Wedding Celebration Ale? Likely!) This is a popular after work pub, but one to note if the clouds do indeed open upon London tomorrow.

So it’s good luck to William Wales and Kate Middleton for their big day tomorrow at Westminster Abbey, remember to raise a glass in their honour, whatever your verdict on wedding, there is no reason not to wish two people in love the very best that life can offer, cheers!