You can’t beat a British pub. They are the cornerstone of many villages up and down the land, often housing a unique blend of décor and home-grown beer. Many pubs are steeped in history providing an important role in the community. Pubs are a meeting place in every city, and the “go-to” after a long week at work, they are still a common place we consider when needing to unwind. However, with the government enforcing budget cuts to remedy the recession, the pub has become an unlikely victim to these difficult economic times. In the last ten years the average price of a pint has risen by 43%. In 2002, an average pint would cost you £2.02, in 2011, you would expect to pay £2.90, the main increase in price is partly due to the 30% added tax.

With the increase in price, inevitably the profits have suffered too, with individual barrel prices having dropped by a staggering 28 million barrels over the last ten years. Produced by, listing pubs for sale across the UK here is an infographic highlighting just how tough the last 10 years have been for publicans and what you can do to show a bit of love for your local pub.

The Decline of Pubs in the UK

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