favourite pub snacksThere’s been a symbiosis with pubs and peanuts as far back as we can remember, introduced into pubs initially as a method to get people to drink more by increasing their salt intake, peanuts became a corner stone snack for pub goers even surviving the urban legend that all communal bar-nuts have traces of other peoples piss on them.

Crisps too have made  a stoic appearance behind bars for decades show casing a rainbow of flavours but ultimately falling back to basics, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, ready salted.  And lets not ignore the evil that is pork scratching’s, some people will point and stare but there is still a large contingent of pork scratching lovers out there munching through tonnes of fried pig skin each year.

Portions of chips are the ideal sharing platter for you and your friends if you can avoid the ‘ketchup vs. mayonnaise’ feud, and if you’ve just been on a hike you’ll most likely want to recharge your energy with something less salty or calorific and reach for a hearty pub sandwich.  Worth a mention is pizza, creeping into just a few pubs up and down the country, on-site pizzerias have been a real money spinner for some pubs… we’ll ignore fancy coffees and muffins – they simply don’t appear on our snack radar.

So, when you’re at that point in your pub excursion that you need something, not sure what… Not hungry enough for a full on meal, but need a snack, what do you reach for?

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Scotch eggs, Pepperami, onion rings, jellied eels, etc… didn’t make the list, but do you love them in your pub? Tell us how outraged you are in our comments section below!