How often do you eat out in Pubs?Today’s blog post is about food. Since the smoking ban came into effect in the UK in 2007 a lot of pubs have had to adapt. Some worked, some closed. For some people it was a shame, for others it was brilliant news. Either way, a lot has changed in pubs over the last few years. It’s rare these days to find ‘wet led’ (drinks only) pubs apart from in places like Central London – who are catering purely for the workers, these pubs are often shut weekends when their regular patrons are back at home out of the city.

So, our question is – how often do you eat in a pub? Have you replaced going to restaurants to eat in pubs instead? We all know that the quality of food can differ vastly from one pub to a next. Some are obvious microwave style setups, whereas others have full on kitchens rivalling some of the best restaurants. Do you only eat in a pub if it’s a pub lunch or sunday dinner? Or would you go for a evening meal to a pub and make a night of it?