White House Honey AlePresident Obama has made history once again by becoming the first President to brew beer at the White House.  This is the first time in history that there has been a microbrewery at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the aptly named “White House Honey Ale” was brewed using the White House garden beehive, which is another first for the Presidency, bees being kept at the White House.  President Obama recently sat with Sgt. Dakota Meyer and the two enjoyed a couple of pints of White House Honey Ale before Sgt.  Meyer was  presented with the Medal of Honor.

Unfortunately the Obama’s have no intention to market the ale, the only way to obtain one would be to become and American war hero or get invited to the White House on Superbowl night.   The recipe for the ale is being kept secret with the Washington Post reporting just one teaser “over a pound of honey goes into that brew”.  That’s a lot of honey.  Imagine if the Obama’s changed their mind about selling their ale? There would be worldwide interest.

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