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Is it the right kind of snow for 2013?

The Bear at HorshamPubs this year have reported to the Morning Advertiser that trade has been significantly up due to the blankets of snow that have covered the UK this January.

For some lucky publicans there has even been up to a 100% increase in lunch-time sales. Family friendly pubs have cashed in during lunch serving hours thanks to winter revellers. Nicky Wragg of the Green Dragon, Lavington Wiltshire, in a statement to the Morning Advertiser commented, “trade has gone up by more than 100% , but that is just at lunchtime, it could go really quiet in the evening because it is so cold.”

Although it’s good news this year for many well located pubs; on country walk routes, or popular sledging haunts. Let us not forget that once the snow has cleared the real figures will tally… It’s most likely to be on par with last year and December 2011 when pub trade was hit by the freezing weather conditions, keeping many pub-goers indoors and out of the cold.

Some pubs this year have understandably reported almost no trade, with staff unable to come to work, or being inaccessible for patrons to visit they have even had to close entirely. Seeing some good from the unfortunate situation Licensee Tom Adams of the Nags Head Tavern, Thornfalcon commented “we’ve just got to enjoy the time off, publicans don’t get a lot of time off.”

Have you spent your “snow days” down the pub? Has your pub trade been hit by the UK’s inability to deal with a few inches of snow? You can let us know in our comments section below, or by joining the conversation on our Facebook page.


Pubs go 3D TV!

Pubs embrace 3D TVLast year in 2010 The Publicans Morning Advertiser reported how 20 pubs under ownership of the Town and City Pub Company (owners of Yates, Slug and Lettuce and Hogshead)  were to receive Sky 3D TV packages so that pub patrons could enjoy ‘the beautiful game’ with an extra third dimension. Initial reactions were promising, punters noting how close-up shots proved how good the depth of field is with the new technology.  The only grievances from pub goers seemed to be that pubs need bigger screens to take full control of the medium, and that after 90 minutes of 3D TV your eyes could be a little sore.

3D throughout 2011 has truly begun to invade cinematography, computer-gaming and is now even affordable and available for homes, it seems to be less and less of a gimmick and possibly the new format for visual entertainment moving forward through this decade.  Earlier this year (June 2011) The Publicans Morning Advertiser  also reported an increase to some 2000 pubs offering the 3d experience.  Punch Taverns managed brands ‘Original Pub Company’ and ‘John Barras’ are among the first to embrace the new way of watching TV by installing the Cinema 3D Pub Pack from LG Electronics, reporting rises in sales during sports matches shown in 3D.

With the Barclays Premiereship 2011 season officially starting on Saturday 13th August, the iron is hot for pubs to embrace this new unparalleled technology.   Have any BITE users watched 3D TV in the local pubs? What are your thoughts on the new way of watching TV, does the third dimension add that extra spark? Or does it make it easy to spill your pint?  If you’ve any comments feel free to leave them in our comments section bel0w, or join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

In a conflict of interests though it is quite important to mention that last year in 2010 Samsung the electronics giant  released a press statement warning against the dangers of watching 3D TV whilst under the influence of alcohol, you can read the full story here on CBS News website.

You can use the Sky website to search for pubs that have Sky 3D TV. Cheers!

Do you watch sport down the pub?

TV down the pubIn February this year (2011) The Morning Advertiser reported that only 9.8% of pubs questioned in their Pub Market Report had a Sky TV subscription, with live sport being less important to a licensee than food, beer, other events such as live music, even tea & coffee.  There is quite a large monthly cost to the licensee who wants to show live sport via subscription, this could be a main contributor to it’s absence in so many pubs.  43% of those pubs who do pay for a live sport subscription from Sky pay between £1000 and £1500 per month.  But do BITE users seek out pubs that show live sport? Perhaps you routinely visit the pub to watch sport with your friends, perhaps you do just for national events such as the World Cup, maybe it doesn’t even matter to you at all?

Let us know in our poll below;

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If you have any comments you can add them to our comments section below, or let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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The Publican 2011 Awards

On Wednesday 6th April The Publican Awards for 2011 were announced. Each year (although, maybe not from next year as The Publican and the Morning Advertiser have both just merged) licensees, staff and anyone connected to the pub industry vote for who they think should win an award. There are 17 categories and we have posted the winners below.

  1. Publican of the Year – Michael Ibbotson of The Durham Ox, North Yorkshire
  2. Barperson of the Year – Rebecca Jones of Terra Nova, South Wales
  3. Family Pub of the Year – Swiss Cottage, West Sussex
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility 2011 Award – Adnams, Suffolk
  5. Multiple Operator of the Year (2-19 Outlets) – Renaissance Pubs, London
  6. Regional Brewer of the Year – Fuller’s, London
  7. Freehouse of the Year – The Driftwood Spars, Cornwall
  8. Tenanted and Leased Pub of the Year – Cask Pub & Kitchen, London
  9. Tenanted and Leased Pub Company of the Year – Marston’s
  10. Music Pub of the Year – Golden Fleece, Essex
  11. Community Pub of the Year – The Grays Inn, Aberdeen
  12. Pub Design of the Year – Horatio Todd’s, Northern Ireland
  13. Customer Service Pub of the Year – The Station Hotel, Manchester
  14. Food Pub of the Year – Shibden Mill Inn, West Yorkshire
  15. Accommodation Pub of the Year – The Wiremill, Surrey
  16. Managed Pub Company of the Year – Fuller, Smith and Turner
  17. Newcomer of the Year – Steve Smith of the Freemasons, Lancashire

Congratulations to them all! Check out the above pubs and see if you agree with the awards. It appears it’s 50/50 with our reviewers..

Have a good weekend – hopefully the sun will be out all weekend and your local might even have a BBQ on if you are lucky!