The Bear at HorshamPubs this year have reported to the Morning Advertiser that trade has been significantly up due to the blankets of snow that have covered the UK this January.

For some lucky publicans there has even been up to a 100% increase in lunch-time sales. Family friendly pubs have cashed in during lunch serving hours thanks to winter revellers. Nicky Wragg of the Green Dragon, Lavington Wiltshire, in a statement to the Morning Advertiser commented, “trade has gone up by more than 100% , but that is just at lunchtime, it could go really quiet in the evening because it is so cold.”

Although it’s good news this year for many well located pubs; on country walk routes, or popular sledging haunts. Let us not forget that once the snow has cleared the real figures will tally… It’s most likely to be on par with last year and December 2011 when pub trade was hit by the freezing weather conditions, keeping many pub-goers indoors and out of the cold.

Some pubs this year have understandably reported almost no trade, with staff unable to come to work, or being inaccessible for patrons to visit they have even had to close entirely. Seeing some good from the unfortunate situation Licensee Tom Adams of the Nags Head Tavern, Thornfalcon commented “we’ve just got to enjoy the time off, publicans don’t get a lot of time off.”

Have you spent your “snow days” down the pub? Has your pub trade been hit by the UK’s inability to deal with a few inches of snow? You can let us know in our comments section below, or by joining the conversation on our Facebook page.