Wylde Green christmas 2012“It’s Chrrrristmas!” Say that in your best Noddy Holder impersonation… Yes BITE readers, with just 110 days until Christmas The Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield have already gone into their attic and dusted off the tinsel. With the tree and decorations now up, The Wylde Green opened it’s doors on the 26th August with a rather festive affair and punters queued up to get a taste of Christmas 2012. Turkey dinner in your flip-flops and shorts, can you believe it?!

Lisa Evans, assistant manager of The Wylde Green, in a statement to the press said “It’s all to do with getting our bookings for Christmas, to be fair. We like to get it up early to explain what we have got going on and get as many bookings as we can. ‘It’s going all right at the moment, we have got quite a few.”

The Wylde Green, owned by Greene King and part of the Hungry Horse pub chain have confused locals with the stunt, Lisa Evans commented “they think we are a bit mad to be honest.” She even admitted herself  “it is a bit early isn’t it?” Greene King spokesman Greg Gibbons said: When a customer realises it’s just four more pay days until Christmas it brings it home how close we are.”

2012 has been a belting year for us Brits, with the Royals spear-heading our celebrations showing the world just how great we can be as a nation, we’re draped in Olympic Gold and proudly flying the flag once again. “Ooo, I could snap a match,” why shouldn’t we celebrate Christmas early? So, are you ready to invite nan round? Put on silly hats and loosen your belt? Or is this all just a bit too early for you?

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