World No Tobacco DayToday (31st May) the World Heatlh Organisation (WHO) is celebrating another World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the dangers involved with smoking, the health risks and providing useful information on how to break the circle of nicotine addiction.

Smoking in pubs, is still something of a hot topic for many pub goers, the smoking ban being blamed for many pub closures in the UK.  The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) will be taking advice from European Licensees on how to relax the smoking ban in Scottish pubs in an effort to reduce the number of pub closures caused by the smoking ban (source News STV).  This will not see a return of cloudy smoke filled bars, those days are thankfully gone, but it could mean that the temptation to smoke may become more visible in pubs again, meaning your will power not to smoke is going to have to be sharper than ever.

If you are a smoker, and you’ve thought about giving up, today’s World No Tobacco Day is a good day to start taking control of your health once again.  Help and assistance on how to quit smoking is widely available, the NHS provide a great starting point on their ‘Smoke Free’ website. The ‘No Smoking Day’ website has a forum where you can chat to people who are also quitting smoking, share tips, and get supportive advice from people who are going through the same withdrawals that you may be experiencing.

If you’ve given up smoking and have any tips for other BITE readers who may be searching for ways to quit do let us know in our comments below or on our Facebook page.