Down the pubAs the post title says we’d like to find out “how you let your friends know that you’ve gone down the pub?”.
We’re in a modern age now of gadgets and communication, for many people it’s a simple text (SMS) message informing your friends of your location, but for some people it could still be a traditional phone call, …or even smoke signals.  For our busy London users it could be an mass email sent out, a note on the office fridge, a smart phone application or a Facebook wall post.  For our rural village users it could be carrier pigeon or just that the pub is where everyone gravitates to anyway.

It may seem like just another poll, but the data we collect is important to us, as we develop BITE we’d like to get a clearer picture of the people that use the site, how you all interact with one another.  Please help us find out more about you, and, if you have any friends who would be interested in answering the question – give them a nudge, cheers!

Quick Note: In this poll, it’s slightly different to our other polls, you can select all the options that apply to you.

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