Pub ToiletsOnce the beer and food service reviews are out of the way, many BITE users turn their attention to the pub toilets, on BITE we have over 25,000 reviews mentioning the words ‘toilet’ or ‘toilets’.
What is it that drives us Brits to review the condition of a pubs water closet? Do you ponder which is the best part of the door handle to use to avoid peoples germs?  Isn’t it irritating to be in a pub toilet with just cold water taps?  And no soap in the dispenser!  We’ve all been in a slovenly pub toilet at some point in our life, dripping from ceiling to cistern, maybe you had to wade in on tip toes? The toilet seats have been used as target practice by the 2nd Auxiliary Potty Training Regiment, or there’s no seat at all, just cracked, stained porcelain…

You could think that we are over reacting, but cleanliness is serious business.  Wetherspoons pub chain goes out of it’s way to maintain and ensure it’s toilets are up to and above the standard of hygiene, they won the Loo of the Year Award 2008 and even had a independent Facebook group setup called “Wetherspoons Toilet Fascination Club”.  A great many other pubs have followed suit, it’s a winning combination – lack of cleanliness can lead to complaint, coming into physical contact with something disgusting can cause a normally mild mannered Briton to turn into a ranting lunatic.

For the majority of us British citizens we feel it’s our right to do our business in a state of complete cleanliness and would be serenity – if it weren’t for the hand dryer turbine interruptions.  So here’s to you, cheers! The landlords and staff that go out of their way to provide clean establishments, it can’t be an easy job – especially with alcohol governing the dexterity of some peoples handling of hazardous substances.

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