In Mexico they call them “Perla Negra” (Black Pearl), in Finland they call them “Akkuhappo” (Battery Acid), in Germany they call them “Flying Hirsch” (Flying Stag)… in Britain, we know them as Jäger-bombs – a single shot of Jägermeister dropped into a half pint of Red Bull, supposed to give you a ‘kick’ Jäger-bombs are also strangely addictive, once you’ve done one, chances are you will go back for a second.

“Jäger-trains” or “Jäger-rings”, are the theatric method of stacking Jäger-bombs together in a long line ready for the idiots customers to down them in unison.


Dan & Sean Kelly of The Walkabout, Cardiff, recently broke the Jäger-train record, after 15 hours of setting up the Jäger-train (using 8 staff) the moment of glory was just a few seconds away – as all 3024 Jäger-bombs successfully dropped into their mixers. That’s some feat, and whatever your take on Booze Britain is, … the outcome of the Kelly boys Jäger-train (shown in the video above) is mesmerizing.

Strangely or ironically, the Guinness Book of records, started by Guinness managing director Hugh Beaver in 1951 no longer records the consumption of alcohol amongst its list of achievements, so who knows what happened to all those Jäger-bombs after they were dropped… Who knows?