BITE - Backlog of PubsHello everyone. In this post we wish to discuss our current backlog of pubs and changes we still have to process. BITE is the UK’s busiest pub and bar website and because of this we get a lot of email. Last year we implemented a ticket system to help sort out the emails.

Generally, they are made up of various subjects: Booking enquiries, new pub suggestions or changes, questions about individual pubs, queries about comments, you name it! On average we receive approx 850 emails a week. Obviously, it’s impossible to answer each individual one when they come in – sometimes we reply only for that email to need replying to again. Unfortunately, this has meant the pub additions and changes have been left behind whilst we reply to the more urgent emails (such as complaints about pubs, pubs comments, etc) – a lot of people email us to complain about individual pubs and don’t realise they aren’t contacting the pub company in question; so instead of leaving them in the dark we reply and let them know who to contact, this isn’t always a quick process!

Safe to say, we’ve been writing some new systems in the background recently and that the addition of pubs should be a lot quicker – we really value your submissions, whether it’s a new pub, a change or a review. You should start seeing email alerts from us soon with your pub added or change completed and the backlog should be over for good by approx the end of this month.

Keep on boozing and thanks for your support everyone!