Beer In The Evening, Cheers!No, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke! We’ve decided to revive the blog – this time though it’s not going to be all drink reviews. A lot of you email us asking for news updates on the site and on our opinions on the ever changing industry – until recently we’ve replied back to most queries, but it does get tiresome repeating the same info over and over. This is where the BITE blog comes back in!

Since we last ran the blog the Internet has changed significantly. Twitter and Facebook are both massive communication platforms that a lot of you are now using. Big name breweries and brands are also embracing these new tools and it’s interesting to see just how creative they are getting and who isn’t.

All news about BITE will be posted on here from now on. We hope to integrate the blog a little bit into the site and it’s new upcoming features. But more about those in another post.

For now though, welcome back – and happy boozing!